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How does an X-ray machine work?

X-ray machines are common medical equipment that are widely used to diagnose conditions and treat them. The principle of X-ray machine is to use X-rays to penetrate objects and be received by photoreceptors to form images. Now, I will introduce some basic components and working principles of X-ray machine.
1. Tube voltage controller: The tube voltage controller is mainly used to control the voltage and current of the X-ray machine, thereby controlling the dose and density of X-rays to ensure minimal harm to human health.
2. X-ray generator: X-ray generator is an important component for generating X-rays. It generally consists of an electron gun and a metal target. An electron gun accelerates electrons and strikes a metal target, producing X-rays. The discrete performance of the X-ray generator is also important.
3. Receiver: The receiver is the key component of the X-ray machine to form images, usually using photographic film and digital sensors. When X-rays pass through an object, part of them can be absorbed by the human body, and the other part will pass through the object and be received by the receiver to form an image.
4. Controller: The controller is the operating interface of the X-ray machine. It is used to control the work of the X-ray generator and receiver, and adjust the parameters of the tube voltage controller to obtain clear images.
To sum up, the X-ray machine consists of four components: tube voltage controller, X-ray generator, receiver and controller. These components work in harmony to provide doctors with accurate and clear images during medical diagnosis and treatment, allowing for more accurate diagnosis and treatment of disease.
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