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Can a portable X-ray machine take head X-rays?

Portable X-ray machines can take pictures of the head, but it depends on the parameters and specifications of the equipment to determine whether the required image quality can be taken. At the same time, it is also necessary to ensure that the operator has relevant professional knowledge and skills to ensure safety during the shooting process.
The exposure parameters of a portable X-ray machine for photographing the head will vary according to different equipment models and brands, as well as the characteristics of the objects that need to be photographed. Generally speaking, the operator needs to set the exposure parameters on the equipment, including exposure time, voltage and current. In specific operations, specific settings need to be made according to the patient’s personal situation, such as age, body shape, medical history, and the area to be photographed. It is recommended to confirm relevant parameters before operation to ensure ideal exposure and patient safety.
The 5KW100mA portable X-ray machine produced by our company adopts a touch screen design. Its parameters can be preset in advance according to body shape and parts, or you can set the parameters yourself as needed, and can meet the needs of shooting the head, chest, limbs and other parts.
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