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What equipment can foot switches be used on?

A foot switch is a switch component that can be used to control certain functions of the equipment by stepping on the pedal, which facilitates the operator to free his hands when working and improve work efficiency.
Foot switches are widely used in medical, industrial and laboratory instruments. Common medical equipment includes laser scalpels, B-ultrasound, X-ray machines, medical tables, dental equipment, and optometry equipment. In industry, there are sewing machines, stamping equipment, shoemaking machinery, textile machinery, manufacturing equipment distributors, bonding machines, electronic equipment, manufacturing equipment, instrumentation projectors, airport baggage handling systems, parcel sorting systems, etc.
Our company provides single pedal, 2 pedal, 3 pedal and 4 pedal foot switches. Customers can choose the appropriate style according to actual needs, and if wiring rules are provided, we can also help connect the plugs. Whatsapp:+86 18953679166. Email:

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