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How does medical DR X-ray machine reduce radiation dose?

Medical DR X-ray machines generally consist of X-ray machines and digital imaging systems. The basic components of an X-ray machine include tube components, beam generator, high-voltage generator and console. Digital imaging systems include flat-panel detectors, workstation software and computers.
The X-ray machine emits rays that penetrate the human body and receives the rays through the flat-panel detector. The automatic exposure detection function of the flat-panel detector is used to convert the X-rays into images and display them on the computer for doctors to perform diagnostic applications.
According to different shooting parts of the human body, the exposure dose can be adjusted by adjusting the tube current, tube voltage and exposure time of the X-ray machine. If you are photographing a relatively thick part, you generally need to increase the kilovolts, as high-voltage rays have strong penetrability. If you want the image to be clearer, you generally need to reduce the milliseconds. Increasing the milliseconds can easily produce artifacts. By reducing the tube current, tube voltage and exposure time of the X-ray machine, the radiation dose can be reduced accordingly.
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