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What is the difference between digital x-ray photography and conventional x-ray photography?

The main difference between digital radiography with an X-ray machine and conventional radiography is the way the images are acquired, processed and stored:
1. Image acquisition: Conventional X-ray photography uses traditional film to obtain images by shining X-rays on the patient and then exposing the film. Digital X-ray photography uses digital sensors to directly convert X-rays into digital signals, which are then transmitted to a computer for processing.
2. Image processing: Conventional X-ray photography requires chemical development of exposed film to produce visible images. In digital X-ray photography, digital signals can be adjusted, enhanced and optimized through computers, such as adjusting brightness, contrast, sharpening, etc.
3. Image storage: In conventional X-ray photography, the film needs to be developed and saved, which may require additional storage space and processing time. In digital radiography, the images are saved in a computer system in digital format and can be easily stored, transmitted, and shared.
In addition to the above differences, digital X-ray photography has the following advantages:
1. Faster image acquisition and processing time, reducing waiting time for patients.
2. Provide higher image quality and contrast, helping doctors make accurate diagnoses.
3. Remote image transmission and online consultation can be carried out through the network.
4. Diagnostic results can be saved digitally to facilitate before-and-after comparison and long-term follow-up.
Overall, digital X-ray photography is more advanced than conventional X-ray photography, providing more efficient, more accurate and more convenient diagnostic services. If you happen to need a DR X-ray machine, please feel free to contact us and we will provide comprehensive and professional services. Whatsapp:+86 18953679166. Email:

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