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How long can a X-ray flat-panel detector take imaging?

A flat-panel detector is a high-tech medical imaging device that converts X-rays into digital images. This product is widely used in various types of X-ray machines, and is combined with X-ray machines to form a complete set of digital DR equipment.
The X-ray machine emits X-rays and irradiates the human body being detected. Due to the different density of human tissue structure, the density of X-rays passing through the human body is also different. When the X-rays passing through the human body are irradiated onto the flat-panel detector, the X-rays are converted into images through the photoelectric conversion function of the flat-panel detector, and then the images are displayed on the computer using the conversion function of the software.
The time it takes for a flat-panel detector to convert X-rays into visible images is very short. If it is a wired FPD, it takes about 1 second. If it is wireless, it takes about 3 seconds.
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