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What is a fixed X-ray machine?

The fixed X-ray machine is relative to portable X-ray machine. As the name implies, it is an X-ray machine that cannot be moved. This equipment is mainly a high-power X-ray machine, which is mainly used clinically to take pictures and examine the patient’s limbs, chest, lumbar spine, spine and other whole body parts.
The fixed X-ray machines produced by Weifang mainly include UC-arm X-ray machines, double column X-ray machines and vertical fluoroscopic X-ray machines. UC-arm X-ray machines and double-column X-ray machines shoot static images, while the older style of vertical fluoroscopy machines are mainly used for chest fluoroscopy examinations, and the output effect is dynamic video. The above products are available in two power specifications of 32kW and 50kW. High-voltage generators with working voltages of 22V and 380V can also be customized according to customer conditions.
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