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What is the difference between bedside X-rays and radiology department X-rays?

An X-ray machine is a medical device used to take pictures of the human body so that doctors can diagnose the patient’s condition. According to different usage scenarios, X-ray machines can be divided into two categories: mobile X-ray machines and fixed X-ray machines.
Movable X-ray machines such as portable X-ray machines are compact in design, light in weight, and easy to carry. They mainly take pictures of limbs and chest X-rays of the human body. They are suitable for use as bedside machines in hospitals or for physical examinations in rural areas. The mobile X-ray machine mainly consists of a portable X-ray machine and a mobile bracket. It can also be equipped with a flat-panel detector and a computer to form a mobile DR.
Fixed X-ray machines, such as UC-arm X-ray machines, are generally relatively powerful and are suitable for photographing the lumbar spine, pelvis and other whole-body parts of the human body. The equipment is generally relatively large in size and is suitable for being fixed indoors with sufficient space. At present, most of them are equipped with digital imaging systems, which can take high-quality images in a very short time for doctors to use as a reference for diagnosis.
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