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Can portable X-ray fluoroscopy machines be used in industry?

Handheld X-ray fluoroscopy machines are small and lightweight and can be easily carried in a suitcase. At the same time, the amount of radiation is extremely low, and the requirements for safety protection are also low. If you need to see through some small objects, it is recommended that you use a handheld fluoroscopy machine.
The application range of handheld fluoroscopy machines is not limited to orthopedic fluoroscopy of human limbs and examination of small animals, but can also be used for other purposes. Place the battery box of the Bluetooth headset on the observation platform of the fluoroscopy machine, and you can clearly observe the internal circuitry and battery position through the plastic shell. Therefore, this device can also be used for some specific electrical appliance repairs. By looking through the stylus of a tablet, you can also know the internal structure of the pen, such as the location of magnets, batteries, and circuits. By observing the color depth of the image, you can also know which internal parts are plastic and which are metal. This device is used for electrical appliance repairs to determine the specific location of damage and whether foreign matter has entered the interior.
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