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How long does a wireless flat panel detector’s battery last?

A flat-panel detector is a high-tech medical imaging device that converts X-rays into digital images. This product is widely used in various types of X-ray machines, and is combined with X-ray machines to form a complete set of digital DR equipment.
The X-ray machine emits X-rays and irradiates the human body being inspected. Due to the different densities of human tissue structures, the density of X-rays passing through the human body is also different. When the X-rays passing through the human body are irradiated onto the flat-panel detector, the X-rays can be converted into images through the photoelectric conversion function of the flat-panel detector, and the images can be displayed on the computer using the conversion function of the software.
Flat panel detectors are divided into wired FPD and wireless FPD according to the data transmission method. Wired ones use cables for data transmission and power supply. The wireless flat-panel detector transmits data through wireless networks and is powered by a built-in battery. The battery uses a lithium-ion battery and can generally work continuously for about 8 hours.
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