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Are portable X-ray fluoroscopy machines harmful to the human body?

Are portable X-ray fluoroscopy machines harmful to the human body? In principle, as long as there is radiation, no matter how big or small, there is radiation, and protection is required. X-ray examination is a relatively simple method for diagnosing osteoarthritis. X-rays are a form of electromagnetic radiation (such as light) that has high energy and can penetrate the human body to form an image. Dense structures (such as bones) will appear white, air will appear black, and other structures will appear gray tones of varying density. X-rays can reveal: narrowing of bone joint spaces; abnormal increase in bone density; bone cysts or bone defects. In order to facilitate the diagnosis of osteoarthritis, our company produces a portable X-ray fluoroscopy device that can take pictures of the current status of bone and joints in just a few seconds anytime and anywhere, without waiting or going to the hospital.
Its characteristics are:
⒈No need for darkroom and no protection for direct real-time observation.
⒉High gain, high sensitivity, high spatial resolution, easy to operate.
⒊The lowest radiation dose, safe and reliable, simplified structure, small size and light weight.
⒋Can connect film and television and computer systems according to user requirements.
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