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How much is a medical dr device?

Everyone is curious about how much medical dr equipment costs, so first of all, you must find out what kind of dr you need. There are many kinds of medical dr equipment, which are divided into mobile dr, portable dr, and fixed dr. The power of each dr machine is different, so the application places are also different.
DR machines with low power, such as portable DR and mobile DR, are generally 100mA, and are usually used to shoot relatively thin body parts such as limbs and chest X-rays. If you want to shoot the lumbar spine, you must choose a high-power dr device, which can shoot not only the lumbar spine, but also all parts of the body. Therefore, the parts taken in small clinics only involve limbs and chest X-rays, and portable dr machines can meet the needs; hospitals are mainly used in radiology departments, which generally require high-power dr equipment, and our sickle arm X-ray machine is recommended.
Our company has 3 kinds of dr mentioned above. The price of each dr is different, ranging from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. There is always one that can meet your needs. If you need medical dr, welcome to contact us.

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