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How much is a small X-ray machine?

Recently, many customers have called us to inquire about our small X-ray machines. Especially since the outbreak of the new crown in 2020, small X-ray machines have become an indispensable diagnostic tool in hospitals, clinics, and community hospitals. But in the market, the price of X-ray machines varies greatly, ranging from tens of thousands to millions. So, how much is a small X-ray machine?
In fact, the price of any machine cannot be discussed alone. Since it is a machine, there must be a configuration, and the price is different if the configuration is different. But as far as X-ray machines are concerned, there are fixed ones and mobile ones. Generally speaking, fixed ones are cheaper than mobile ones. Small X-ray machines generally refer to portable X-ray machines. At present, there are roughly 50ma and 100ma portable X-ray machines in China. Because they are portable, they are all high-frequency machines, that is, the high-voltage generator and X-ray tube components are all assembled in one head. As long as such a small X-ray machine is of the same milliampere, the price difference between different manufacturers is not big.
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