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How much power is the medical c-arm machine

Many people will ask a question, what is a c-arm? How much power does it have? C-arm, as the name suggests, is called C-arm because its shape is similar to the English letter C. It is an X-ray imaging device used in interventional radiology and orthopedic surgery. There are three types of C-arms on the market now, which are divided into small c, medium c and large c. Because the power of these three devices is not the same, the main purposes of filming are also different.
The power of the small c is 3.5kw, the tube voltage is 40-110kv, and the tube current is 31-70mA. Mainly used in orthopedics: osteopathy, reduction, nailing. Surgery: removal of foreign bodies in the body, cardiac catheterization, implantation of pacemakers, part of interventional therapy, part of angiography and local photography, etc. Because of its wide range of applications, it is still very popular with customers.
The peripheral intervention type C-arm, commonly known as “middle C” in the industry, has medium power, 5kw and 17kw. It can be called “medium C” not only by increasing the power of the tube. The systematization and controllability of the product design of China C is a powerful guarantee for carrying out complex interventional procedures, mainly adding many functions related to DSA. It can clinically complete more than 80% of the surgical needs of large vascular machines (big C).
DSA is an advanced X-ray diagnosis technology with image processing by electronic computer. It is another major breakthrough in X-ray diagnosis technology after CT. It is mainly used in the diagnosis and treatment of vascular diseases. Compared with the C in the small C, the big C is all fixed, some are fixed to the ceiling and some are fixed to the ground. The power is generally greater than 80kW.
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