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Is there an x-ray machine that can be hung on the wall

Dental X-ray machine is suitable for X-ray photography of single tooth in the department of stomatology. It has the advantages of small focus, clear photographic imaging, safe and convenient use, and beautiful appearance. It is an ideal dental diagnostic equipment for medical units. Features: Lightweight, compact, rechargeable, easy to shoot and easy to place Radiation protection HD images can be digitally or film printed.
Our dental x-ray machine is divided into hand-held dental x-ray machine, wall-mounted dental x-ray machine, vertical dental x-ray machine, our wall-mounted dental x-ray machine can be hung on the wall, our wall-mounted x-ray machine The machine has the following characteristics: the introduction of foreign advanced technology, efficient integrated design, high efficiency, low radiation. Using microcomputer intelligent control, remote exposure can be achieved. It also has the super function of low voltage alarm and high voltage protection. Micro focus technology, clearer impact and more accurate diagnosis. The rack has two modes: mobile and fixed, and the pneumatic lift seat ensures more convenience for doctors and more comfort for guests.
Optional bright room rinse dental tablets, one minute imaging, to the greatest extent convenient for doctors to diagnose.Can be connected to oral digital imaging system.

dental X-ray machine

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