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How about the radiation of the mobile dental tablet machine

How about the radiation of the mobile dental tablet machine,In fact, in daily life, radiation exists all the time, such as radiation from various electronic products, high-altitude radiation when flying, etc. Studies have shown that for a short flight, the radiation exposure is about 5 microsieverts. In other words, taking an ordinary dental film, the radiation dose is equivalent to taking a plane once, and the impact on the human body is minimal.
If you are trying to conceive or are already pregnant, you should try to avoid imaging tests. “Some pregnant women have periodontal problems before pregnancy, or their wisdom teeth have not been extracted, and severe acute inflammation occurs during pregnancy, and they have to take films and treat. Under strict control, the impact on pregnant women and fetuses is also very small. At the same time, it is recommended that women do a comprehensive oral examination before pregnancy. All x-rays have radiation exposure to the human body, but the amount of radiation from oral dental films It is very small, and the harm to the human body is minimal. As long as it is not a special stage such as pregnancy, it has almost no effect on the human body.
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