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Can the film in the film machine be reused?

Can’t. Once the film is taken out, it will be exposed and can no longer be used. It is the same as the film in the camera. After exposure, it cannot be used. Because the film needs to be operated in a dark room and releases harmful chemicals, it needs to be replaced constantly. Our company has portable dental tablet machine, mobile dental tablet machine, wall-mounted dental tablet machine and so on. Features of portable dental tablet machine: small size, light weight, clear image, no radiation: reliable quality, complete functions, simple operation; performance characteristics of mobile dental tablet machine: clear image, high efficiency, using international advanced technology. Low radiation, the leakage dose is only 1% of the national regulations. With the touch of a button and microcomputer control, exposure parameters can be quickly and accurately determined with just one button press. easy to use. Imaging in the bright room, imaging in one minute, and immediately used for diagnosis, which is convenient for doctors to diagnose to the greatest extent. Pneumatic liftable seat, more convenient and more comfortable. Can be used for oral digital imaging system.

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