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How to dispose of medical x-ray equipment after it is discarded

Special attention should be paid to the disposal of discarded X-ray equipment. X-ray machines may contain lead, beryllium, and PCB-contaminated oils. Therefore, we recommend the safe disposal of waste X-ray equipment through a commercial X-ray company or a recycler. You can refer to the following methods:
1. It can be donated to a company that recycles usable machines.
2. The ownership of the working machine can be transferred to an individual or institution that can legally use the X-ray machine and sold as a second-hand machine
3. Can donate to Health and Project Cure, two nonprofit organizations that sometimes accept donations of high-quality, useful, and in good condition X-ray equipment.
4. If the waste disposal company accepts, the whole X ray machine can be disposed of immediately, or the parts can be sold as waste.

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