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how much radiation to x ray machine?

There must be radiation when the X-ray machine is working, but the harm of radiation is not great, and it will not have a substantial impact on the staff. The intensity of X-ray in the luggage security detector is much smaller, and the radiation dose is about 1% of the medical x-ray imager. When the baggage passes through the channel of the security detector, the influence of the baggage on the items in it can also be ignored.

Moreover, all four sides of the luggage security device are shielded by a certain thickness of lead plate, and the luggage security channel is also covered by lead rubber curtain, which can specially reduce the radiation dose on the external surface of the security device by about two orders of magnitude.

The whole body X-ray machine scanner of airport security inspection uses the backscatter X-ray detection technology, which uses the X-ray with low energy and can only enter the skin tissue of human body for a few millimeters. Because the energy and intensity of the X-ray used by the whole body scanner are low, the radiation dose received by a whole body security examination is about one fifth of the X-ray taken, and the impact is relatively small.

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