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How small can an X-ray machine be?

How small can an X-ray machine be? I believe that many people do not know very well, today we will briefly talk about it.
We often encounter X-ray machines in daily medical inspections and security inspections. In most people’s minds, X-ray machines are relatively large equipment, so do you know how small X-ray machines can be now?
The volume of the X-ray machine is mainly affected by the power and the ray generating device. Before the technological breakthrough, in order to be able to achieve clear impact, higher power was required to ensure clarity. Therefore, the whole set of equipment of the X-ray machine is generally relatively large.
After technological breakthroughs, clear images can be obtained with lower power, and at the same time, the X-ray generator device becomes smaller at the same power. As a result, X-ray machines can now be made smaller, or even the size of a computer mainframe.

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