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Who introduced X-rays to China?

Who introduced X-rays to China? I believe many people do not understand. The X-ray machine introduced to China for the first time was not a doctor, but a minister.
In 1896, Li Hongzhang visited Germany and visited the then German Chancellor Otto Edward Leopold von Bismarck (hereinafter referred to as Bismarck). Li Hongzhang introduced the X-ray machine, which can penetrate the human body and see the situation of projectiles.
So Li Hongzhang took an X-ray photography and clearly saw the projectiles in his body. However, due to Li Hongzhang’s health reasons, surgery was not performed to remove the projectile.
Li Hongzhang also proposed to take advantage of the situation, hoping to buy such a device, and the dean at that time gave China an X-ray machine for free. Therefore, Li Hongzhang has become a person who irradiates X-rays and introduces X-ray equipment in China.

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