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How to choose X-ray machine for hospital physical examination

Recently, Wuyuan ** Medical Devices Co., Ltd. stated that there is a hospital on hand that needs to purchase an X-ray machine for medical examination. Can our company recommend it?

Tell it. Does the hospital say whether it is used for filming or fluoroscopy? What is the budget price? Are there any special requirements?

The client said that the hospital did not say it, and the budget is within *10,000. Do you see which machine in this price meets the requirements?

According to the price provided by the hospital, only one ordinary X-ray machine can be purchased (see the left picture below). However, we suggest that you negotiate with the hospital. It is more convenient to buy a vertical fluoroscopy X-ray machine (see the right picture below) for medical examinations, because the stereo fluoroscopy X-ray machine can both take pictures and fluoroscopy. It is currently a best-selling equipment in the medical examination center.

The customer said that he thought he could not buy any suitable equipment at the price given by the hospital, and sent him the parameters of both models, and he went to talk with the hospital.

The customer communicated with the hospital, because their current DR X-ray machine equipment is broken and they do not plan to repair it, so they want to buy a cheap equipment to use, and wait for a new one tomorrow. So I just want to buy an ordinary camera and use it.

If you buy an X-ray filming machine, the customer has to prepare the film processor to wash the film, or use the IP board with CR. You have to confirm whether the hospital has CR. It is relatively convenient to have CR. When filming, place the IP board on the CR under the filming bed, and after the filming, place it on the CR equipment for scanning. If the hospital equipment is connected to a film printer, the film can be printed directly.

Dear users, see here, everyone knows how to use the X-ray machine, if you have purchase intentions, please contact us via email.


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