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How to do protection work in the field of X-ray machine?

With the continuous improvement of the social level, the performance requirements of X-ray machines are getting higher and higher. Today, I will introduce you to the protection of X-ray machines. The most common is the leadership room of the radiology department of a hospital. The room needs to be protected with lead plates or barium sulfate. Sliding doors are also guide doors. , And then the windows also made of lead glass. The protection of the entire room needs to be evaluated by a professional protection company and can only be used after being qualified. In contrast, products detected in industry are looser than human use requirements, but they also need to be protected. Taking lead glass, many users think that the labor and material costs of installing lead glass for windows are high, so it is also feasible to check the X-ray machine room through installation and monitoring. Many industrial users of our company use this method. Now, many industrial products also need to use X-ray machines for some tests, such as using X-ray machines to inspect the internal structure of power line products. Cracks or flaws, etc. Many users have purchased X-ray equipment, but it is not clear how to protect X-rays on site. Seeing this, everyone should be more aware of how industrial X-ray machines are protected.
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