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A customer consults a portable dental X-ray machine

Recently, a customer came to inquire about our portable dental X-ray machine. The customer requested a portable one to be used with a dental sensor. I sent a product brochure of the portable dental X-ray machine to the client. The client compared the parameters and expressed satisfaction, but the specifics have to be researched before they can be determined. Now let’s take a look at the advantages and parameters of this portable dental X-ray machine:
Advantages of portable dental X-ray machine:
Simple and generous, portable and light, clear image, close to zero radiation.
Stable performance, complete functions, and convenient operation.
Free to choose AC, DC or AC, DC two-way energization mode.
Can be fixed freely, such as vertical, wall, dental chair, etc.
Free to choose wireless remote control or hand-held switch for exposure control
The specifications of the portable dental X-ray machine;
Tube voltage 60kV
Tube current 1.5mA
Exposure time 0.02~2s
Focus 0.3*0.3 mm
Focusing screen distance 130mm
Frequency 30kHz
Battery DC14.8V 6400mA
Rated power 60VA
Power input AC100V-240V
Power output DC16.8V
The above is the introduction of the portable dental X-ray machine. If it meets your requirements, please contact us!

portable dental X-ray machine

Author: Lillian

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