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How to purchase pet digital X-ray machine?

Recently, many customers have inquired about our pet digital X-ray machine. The pet digital X-ray machine is a digital X-ray examination professionally used for pet X-ray photography. The image is reconstructed by a computer and a series of image post-processing is performed. It is a must-purchased equipment for high-end pet hospitals.
By performing X-ray imaging of different parts of the pet, it assists the pet doctor in timely and accurate diagnosis and treatment.
Five main components of pet digital X-ray machine:
1) Digital flat panel detector, which can convert X-rays passing through human body or pet body into digital image; it is equivalent to human eyes.
2) A high-voltage generator, which can provide the required ultra-high voltage electric energy for the X-ray tube; it is equivalent to the human heart.
3) The tube can convert the ultra-high voltage electric energy of the high-voltage generator into X-ray; it is equivalent to the human visual center.
4) Frame, a device that can connect the examination table, digital X-ray detector and tube together; it is equivalent to a human torso. Try to choose a 4-way suspended bed, which can greatly improve the convenience of filming. .
5) DR workstation software for pets, which can be used for image display, storage, transmission, printing, and image reading; it is equivalent to the human brain.
Choosing the right digital X-ray machine for pets is a very complicated matter. It is recommended that customers make specific analysis based on the size and specific budget of their pets. If you still don’t know anything about it, please contact us and we will give you professional advice.

Author: Lillian

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