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Veterinary diagnostic X – ray machine

 The main technical parameters

1、Power requirements:

Power supply voltage: 220V ± 10%

Power frequency: 50Hz ± 0.5Hz

Power supply resistance: 0.5Ω (220V)

Power capacity: 4kVA

2、Technical Parameters:

Tube voltage (kV): 40 ~ 110kV (1kV increments / decrement)

Tube current (mA): 30 ~ 70 mA

Exposure time (s): 0.04 to 5.0 s

Tube current  Tube voltage        Time(s)

30            40-1100.             04-5.0

35            40-1000.             04-4.0

40            40-85                0.04-4.0

50            40-70                0.04-3.2

70            40-50                0.04-3.2

3、Photography bed

Bed size: 1200 × 700 × 750 (mm) (length × width × height)

Bed movement range: vertical ± 250mm horizontal ± 100mm

Focus distance: 1200mm

X-ray tube assembly, column

Move up and down: 570 mm

Rotate around the center of the arm: ± 180o

4、Maximum size of film holder: 356mm × 432mm (14 “× 17”)

5、Filter (fixed) Gate density: N103 Focal length: 1000mm


Designed for animal photography, easy to operate

Machine integrated design, small footprint, suitable for small veterinary use

South Korea aluminum-based fine lines fixed filter grid, the image is more clear.

Floating bed, electromagnetic lock

7、Detail image:

Veterinary diagnostic X   ray machine.png

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