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Hunan dealer consulting micro switch for hand switch

Hunan dealers consulted the micro switch to extend the service life of the hand switch and make the hand switch more durable. So what is the micro switch? Can Newheek’s hand switch meet the needs of customers? Let’s give you a brief introduction.

The Newheek hand switch adopts mechanical push rod transmission, and the switch component adopts “OMRON” micro switch. What is the micro switch?

A micro switch is a contact mechanism that has a small contact interval and a snap-action mechanism. It uses a specified stroke and a specified force to switch the contact mechanism. It is covered by a shell and has a drive rod outside of it. Because of the comparison of the contact distance of the switch Small, hence the name micro switch, also called sensitive switch. The electrical text symbol is: SM.

The use of “OMRON” micro switch means that the hand switch has a longer service life and higher sensitivity.

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