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Henan customer inquiry mobile DR bucky stand

The client from Henan asked about the mobile DR bucky stand for medical examination. We recommended the NK17FY trolley type bucky stand and the NKDRSY DR bucky stand for the client.Because the trolley type bucky stand is easy to move and the arm can adjust the Angle flexibly, it is favored by customers.When confirming the size of the user’s plate detector, we found that the plate detector used by the hospital has a handle. We timely explained to the customer that the trolley type bucky stand is fixed on four sides, and the side with the handle may not be convenient for fixing. We suggest the customer to recommend the DR special bucky stand to the hospital.

Customer said hospital elsewhere also inquiry, how to show our advantage, we made a simple introduction to the customer, we have medical equipment more than 20 years of production experience, the qualification is complete and, and we provide one year free warranty. We are factory delivery direct, cost-effective products, and sent the customer related qualification documents.Get the customer recognition, and soon reached a cooperation with the hospital.

The customer required the goods to be delivered before the October holiday, and there were still 2 days left before the holiday, so we just had 2 bucky stands in stock. We replied to the customer that it was ok, and the customer transferred the payment on the spot. We also immediately signed the contract with the customer, arranged the warehouse to prepare the goods, so as not to affect the normal use of the hospital after the holiday.

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