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Bucky stand shipped

Generally, the delivery of the bucky stand will be completed within 7-10 working days after the payment is received. Of course, if the customer needs the bucky stand urgently , we can pack and deliver products for customers in an urgent manner.

The bucky stand belongs to medical equipment. During transportation, it needs to be anti-fall, shockproof and moisture-proof. We use wooden cases for packaging, and the inside is fixed with wooden strips.In domestic short-distance transportation, the bucky stand is packed in plastic bags. If foreign trade is transported by sea, the bucky stand will be tightly packed with aluminum foil, and the packaging bag will be vacuumed.

What items are included in the delivery, including 1 bucky stand, 1 movable base, 4 universal wheels, 4 fixed screws, plus product qualification, factory inspection certificate, user manual and other documents?

After receiving the bucky stand, the customer only needs to follow the steps in the manual, fix the base to the bucky stand with the fixing screw, slowly raise the installed bucky stand, and then move it to the position where the photo is needed for normal use.

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