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Jiangxi customer inquiry mobile DR bucky stand

The jiangxi customer asked about the mobile DR bucky stand. We learned that the customer’s terminal customer was a hospital in China, which was mainly used for indoor film examination. The size of the plate detector was 14*17 inches.We recommended NK17SY side-out camera frame and NKDRSY DR special camera frame for the client, and sent photos for the client to choose. The client chose NK17SY side-out mobile camera frame, and we made a preliminary quotation according to the client’s demand.

The customer asked if the camera rack had a filter grid and replied that our camera rack is sold separately. If you need a filter grid, you can have an optional filter grid.The customer asked if we could provide on-site installation service. We explained that the installation of this bucky stand was very simple. The customer received the goods as a whole and only needed to fix the movable base to the bucky stand without any technical requirements.At last, the customer asked if the wheels could be fixed. Two of the four universal wheels installed by us were equipped with brake locking function, so attention should be paid to fix them when shooting, so as not to affect the shooting due to the offset of the uneven ground camera frame.

The client recognized the professionalism of our camera rack and said that he would report the situation to the leader and reply to us as soon as possible.Newheek has been specializing in the production of X-ray machines and their accessories for over 20 years. If you are also interested in bucky stands, please call us.

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