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Image intensifier transport matters

Image intensifier is mainly suitable for small C arm, gastrointestinal machine, digital machine, industrial tire hub detection.
The X-ray image intensifier consists of an image intensifier tube, a tube container, a power supply and relevant supporting parts. Transform the X-ray image into visible image.Increase the brightness by nearly 10,000 times. According to the maximum input size reflected by X-ray intensifier tube and input screen, it is generally divided into X-ray image intensifiers such as 5in, 6in, 7in, 9in and 10-12in.
Image intensifier transport matters
Image intensifiers are packed in cartons or wooden cases.The image intensifier is properly jammed in the cabinet.Suitable for long distance transportation. Shipping marks and marks (moisture-proof, shockproof, upward, etc.) shall be printed or posted at conspicuous places of the packing cases and shall not be easy to be decolorized or peeled off.Should be stored in the relative humidity does not exceed 80%, no corrosive gas, well-ventilated indoor.
Newheek image intensifier is divided into 6in, 9in and 12in.
Our image intensifier can replace Toshiba and thales.

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