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Introduction to industrial X-ray machine

There are various types of industrial X-ray machines. According to different detection objects and application scenarios, industrial X-ray machines need to be customized. Recently an Iranian customer inquired about our industrial X-ray machine.
He is a professional manufacturer of plastic pipes and plastic accessories, so he hopes to purchase one that can detect whether there are gaps or impurities in the plastic.
Introduction to industrial X ray machine
Tested objects:
Maximum Circle OD – 1500mm and min ID 1000 mm with Max 200 mm thickness
Minimim Circle od-400mm and min ID 300 mm with Max 150 mm thickness
The Material is Plastic polyetheylene.
In addition, customers only need to detect 50 to 60 pieces per day, so the transmission system is not needed.
Therefore, Newheek will customize industrial X-ray machines according to customers’ needs.
Our industrial X-ray machines will meet your different needs.

Author: Glinda

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