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Purpose of 500ma X-ray machine

500ma X-ray machine is one of the important equipment for human body examination. Our 500ma X-ray machine is divided into fluoroscopy and radiology machine.
Purpose of 500ma X ray machine
Features of 500ma X-ray machine:
Anti – shock, anti – scattering, full wave rectifier.
Positioning is electromagnetic braking, floating bed surface, foot release, post manual operation, fast and reliable positioning.
The structure adopts ergonomic design, beautiful appearance and convenient operation.
Pillar rotation range of 180, convenient for stretcher photography;
Optional vertical photo frame (gate density 103L/INCH, case ratio 10:1, convergence distance 180cm, fixed 15″ 18″, adjustable distance, maximum shooting 14″ 17″ X-ray film).
Newheek 500ma X-ray machine can be used in different situations, and can meet your different procurement needs.

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