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Portable dental X-ray machine

Portable dental X-ray machine, low radiation portable high frequency oral X-ray machine using new technology, new technology, so that the structure of the conventional X-ray machine diversification.
With small size, light weight, low radiation, extremely clear imaging, high efficiency, easy to carry out home visits, easy to place.
Portable dental X ray machine
Stable performance, complete functions, simple operation
Ac, dc, ac, dc dual-use can be arbitrary choice
Can be fixed in various forms, such as bracket, wall, vertical, fixed in the teeth and so on
It can be controlled by remote control or manual switch
Its charger is suitable for different countries.
The Newheek dental X-ray machine is portable, wall-mounted, and vertical.They apply to different fields.
Newheek Portable dental X-ray machine can meet your different purchase needs.

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