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Image of NKX-500LT Stereo Vision Machine


Huaxin Image The NKX-500LT stereoscopic vision machine is composed of tube assembly, high voltage generator, remote control station, column, pedal assembly, beam restraint, image intensifier TV system.

2、The scope of application

Huarui image NKX-500LT-type stereoscopic vision machine is mainly used in hospitals for chest, abdomen, bone and soft tissue of the fluoroscopy.

3、The main technical parameters

Working conditions

1.Ambient temperature:+10℃ ~ +40℃;

2. Relative humidity:30% ~ 75%;

3. Atmospheric pressure:50kpa ~ 106kpa。

(2)Transport and storage conditions

1)Ambient temperature:-20℃ ~ +70℃;

2)Relative humidity:10% ~ 100%;(Including condensation)

(3)Power requirements


2)Power frequency:50Hz±1Hz;

3)Power supply resistance:<0.5Ω。

(4)Working system: intermittent loading continuous operation

(5)input power:≦51kVA。

(6)Maximum output power

Perspective way P= 105kV×5mA = 525W。

(7)working frequency:

Machine operating frequency):50HZ~60HZ。

(8)exercise system

1) The vertical movement of the tube is reachable)1000±10mm;

2) Pedal horizontal movement range up to)220±10mm;

3) The foot rotates 360 °

4、Product details

Image of NKX 500LT Stereo Vision Machine.png

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