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High frequency mobile X-ray machine

一、High frequency mobile X-ray machine main technical parameters (high frequency)

1  Power requirements:

Single-phase power supply:               Receptacles that meet safety standards

Power frequency:                 50Hz±1Hz

battery capacity:                4kVA

Power supply resistance          <0.5Ω

Standard sizes:

The tube is stretched horizontally           ≥800mm

The highest distance from the ground     1800mm±20mm

The ball is at least the distance from the ground     490mm±20mm

Equipment parking size          1400×640×1300(mm)

Equipment quality          130(kg)

The main technical parameters:

Rated output power:           3.2 kW

Tube:                   Fixed anode tube XD6-1.1, 3.5 / 100

Anode target angle:               19°

Limiter:                 manual adjustment

Fixed filter              2.5mm aluminum equivalent (X-ray tube with beam restraint)

Positioning lights

24V halogen bulb; average illuminance of not less than 100 Lx

Maximum cartridge size / 1 m SID

The maximum floor slope when moving:         ≤10°

Rated output power:           3.2kW(100kV×32mA=3.2kW

Tube voltage:            40 ~ 100kV (1kV increments / decrement)

Tube current:              32 mA,40 mA,50 mA

Exposure time:           0.01~4 s

Current time product      1~200mAs

Tube current and tube voltage adjustment range


Tube current Tube voltage
32 40-100
40 40-80
50 40-60

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