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Since the outbreak, the Chinese and American governments have accused each other and set off a fierce geopolitical dispute. Chinese Americans have become scapegoats for political competition, and both sides are not pleased. The long-standing discrimination against Asians in American society has been exposed, and verbal attacks and behavioral insults have occurred from time to time. The FBI also warned that hatred and discrimination against Asian Americans, including Chinese, may rise rapidly.

As the former co-chairman of the Chinese Association of Acton, Massachusetts, 57-year-old Chinese American Wang Xiaodong criticized the Chinese government ’s suppression of speech in the early stages of the outbreak, and on the other hand, it was not caused by the spread of the outbreak in the United States The main reason is to condemn the US government for not paying enough attention.

But she said that instead of condemning, it is better to put more energy into the community and promote social change together with other ethnic groups. Since mid-March, she has led the team to raise funds to fight the epidemic and organize donations.

Up to now, the Acton Chinese Association and the Acton Chinese School have raised a total of 8,000 US dollars in donations. They have purchased 16,000 masks and other protective materials from China and donated them to 5 hospitals and clinics, as well as the fire station and post office. , Nursing homes and supermarkets.

“We have unique conditions to get a mask. This is a godsend opportunity for the Chinese to give back to the American society with love and enthusiasm, become a part of the society, and improve and establish our image.” Wang Xiaodong told BBC Chinese. She graduated from Tsinghua University in the 1990s and studied in the United States, and later worked in a large multinational technology company.
x ray machine is very helpful for epidemic.

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