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The harm of X-ray machine to human body

Everyone knows how harmful the radiation emitted by the X-ray machine is to the human body. X-ray examination is a low-dose radiation examination and is safe. People generally mistakenly think that radiation can kill cancer cells, and it will also damage normal tissues. Excessive exposure will cause leukemia or other diseases. This is a misunderstanding caused by not understanding X-ray examination. The radiation amount of general X-ray examination is only a few thousandth of the dose of radiation therapy cancer, and it will not damage tissue cells. Even with some effects, human cells can repair themselves because the body has tolerance and resistance to radiation. The body’s tolerance and resistance to radiation varies depending on each person’s physique and health. What’s more, the human cells themselves continue to undergo daily metabolism. Taking the chest X-ray examination before and after as an example, the dose of one exposure is about 0.02 Rad, which is equivalent to the amount of radiation a person gets from the diet in one year. According to this, X-ray inspection is safe. When an examination is required due to the condition, the patient need not worry, because X-ray examination is generally not harmful. If the patient’s condition permits, before receiving low-dose X-ray photography, first drink a glass of orange juice or inhale some vitamin C, or drink a glass of milk to prevent calcium loss, but also can enhance the body’s immunity and enhance radiation Resistance.
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