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Industrial X-ray machine for power equipment

Recently Tangshan ** Electric Power Equipment Co., Ltd. consulted the industrial X-ray machine for power cable testing, which is the best portable. The customer means to go directly to the power installation site, such as a tunnel, cave or high altitude. Tell us that our company has equipped X-ray machines for power accessories (see the figure below), which are fixed in the production workshop, and can also be made into a box type for convenient movement. Is not very convenient, you can also change the design and put it on the car. The customer wants to directly carry out the high-altitude test, and asks if our company has a suitable solution.


If it is direct detection at high altitude, it needs to be portable, but the dose is small and the noise is very large. The channel imaging method is very unclear and the result is not ideal. It is still recommended that customers check the accessories before installation, and then install them in high altitude after the detection is correct, otherwise the personnel working in the air is also very dangerous. After all, X-ray equipment has a certain amount of radiation, and long-term operation is also harmful to the human body, and indoor protection can be done. Please call me if you have any other questions!

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