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X-ray imaging principles and conditions

The reason why the X-ray can make the human body form an image on the screen or film is on the one hand based on the characteristics of the X-ray, that is, its penetration, fluorescence effect and photography effect; on the other hand is based on the difference in density and thickness of human tissue . Because of this difference, when X-rays pass through various tissues of the human body, the degree of absorption is different, so the amount of X-rays reaching the screen or film is different. In this way, a black and white contrast image is formed on the screen or X-ray.
Therefore, the formation of X-ray images should have the following three basic conditions: first, X-rays should have a certain penetrating power, so as to penetrate the irradiated tissue structure; second, the penetrated tissue structure must exist The difference in density and thickness, so that the amount of X-ray remaining after being absorbed in the penetration process will be different; third, the remaining X-ray that is different is still invisible and must be passed In the process of developing, for example, X-ray images with black and white contrast and gradation differences can only be obtained through X-ray film, screen or TV screen display.
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