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Application of nondestructive testing in various industries

Application of nondestructive testing in various industries

Nowadays, nondestructive testing technology is more and more widely used. It has become an indispensable part in the industrial industry. Nondestructive testing can adapt to different objects, such as raw materials, welding joints, in-service equipment of machining parts, etc., as well as shutdown testing and non shutdown testing. It is widely used in many industries, such as aerospace, ship, special equipment, electric power and metallurgy. In the special equipment industry, the code is changed to ect.

Nondestructive testing is divided into five methods, ray method, acoustic method, electromagnetic method, optical method and other methods. The new heek nondestructive testing equipment is the ray method

The five conventional NDT methods we commonly use are rt-ray, UT, MT, Pt, et. In addition, there are other methods that are not commonly used, such as Cr computer imaging, Dr digital imaging TOFD diffraction time difference method, PA phased array, AE acoustic emission, EMAT electromagnetic ultrasound, MLF magnetic flux leakage detection, pulsed eddy current, metal magnetic memory, ultrasonic guided wave, infrared speckle, laser detection and excitation detection, which are widely used in small parts

NDT visual inspection scope: 1. Weld surface defect inspection. Check the welding quality of weld surface crack, incomplete penetration and welding leakage. 2. Status check. Check the surface crack, peeling, pull wire, scratch, pit, bulge, spot, corrosion and other defects. 3. Endoluminal examination. When some products (such as worm pump, engine, etc.) work, carry out endoscopic inspection according to the items specified in the technical requirements. 4. Assembly inspection. When there are requirements and needs, use the same 3D industrial video endoscope to check the assembly quality; after the assembly or a certain process is completed, check whether the assembly position of each component meets the requirements of the drawing or technical conditions; whether there are assembly defects. 5. Inspection of surplus materials. Check the residual internal chips and foreign matters in the inner cavity of the product.

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