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Customers ask about NDT technology

On May 6, I received a call from a customer asking about the relevant situation of nondestructive testing. With the vigorous development of the socialist market economy, China’s industrialization has been greatly improved, and the application of various mechanical equipment and devices in various industries has become more and more popular. With a large number of applications of various mechanical equipment, its potential safety hazards have gradually emerged, which can not help but give us a warning.

There are many kinds of non-destructive testing, such as non-destructive testing, ultrasonic non-destructive testing, magnetic particle non-destructive testing, eddy current non-destructive testing, penetrant non-destructive testing and so on.

Then, the relevant parameters of NDT X-ray machine products were sent to customers:

Product parameters

Effective incident size: 23cm, 216 ± 2mm

16cm 161±2mm

12cm 122±2mm

Diameter of output end 25 ± 0.5mm

Center resolution: 23cm-46lp / cm

16cm 52Lp/cm

12cm 62Lp/cm

Conversion coefficient: 23cm 200 (CD / m2) / (MR / s)

23cm 23(cd /m²)/(μGy/s)

Quantum detection efficiency (standard) DQE 23cm 65%

Large contrast area (10%) 23cm 24:1

Small contrast area (10 mm) 23cm 16:1

Input voltage: 24VDC (± 1vdc)

NDT is all the technical means to detect whether there are defects or non-uniformity in the inspected object, give the size, location, nature and quantity of defects, and then determine the technical status (such as qualified or not, remaining life, etc.) of the inspected object by using the characteristics of sound, light, magnetism and electricity without damaging or affecting the use performance of the inspected object General term. Nondestructive testing plays an important role in steel structure testing

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