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Customers consult the details of industrial X-ray machine

A few days ago, I received a call from the customer, saying that he wanted to consult our company’s industrial X-ray machine. The customer saw our product on our company’s official website, but didn’t know how to choose the product, so he explained to the customer how to choose the right product.

The first thing to determine the equipment is to first determine whether the equipment has reached the international radiation leakage safety dose. Because the X-ray machine uses electrical energy to produce high-energy X-rays that can penetrate the object to carry out

If the quality of the inspected equipment does not meet the requirements, X-ray leakage from the equipment will occur and endanger human health. So the premise of choosing new seek industrial X-ray machine is to first determine whether the process is safe.

If it is higher than the current safety standards of other countries and regions in the world, the safety and reliability can be guaranteed if it is recommended to select the equipment certified by the United States or European specialized agencies for long-term use.

As a part of design verification and quality control process, industrial X-ray imaging is widely used in aerospace, automotive, electronic, medical, pharmaceutical, military and national defense industries. Similar to doctors and experts examining bone fractures and fractures, industrial ray technicians and manufacturing engineers use X-ray images to examine cracks and defects or defects that are not visible from the outside of the manufactured product. The X-ray image is obtained by placing the product / object on a platform between the X-ray tube and the X-ray detector. When an X-ray beam passes through an object, the energy level of the X-ray decreases with the material thickness, inclusions or voids in the object. This will generate a 2D or 3D image for further evaluation and examination.

destription The industrial X-ray machine should pay attention to the radiation in the use process, and the quality of the detected product should also be guaranteed. When passing through the object, the light will gradually decay


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