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Medical 500mA x-ray machine professionally shoots all parts

Today, I will explain to you a medical 500 mA X-ray machine. This X-ray machine is mainly used for radiographic examination. The specific content is as follows:
1. Product details:


2. Uses:
The equipment specially used for X-ray photography is mainly used for medical units to perform examinations on chest, limbs, pelvis and lumbar spine, etc. It can be used for general photography, filter photography, tilt photography and organ program photography.
Product performance characteristics:
Microcomputer control
Microcomputer control, liquid crystal display, easy operation, convenient and accurate photo inspection of various parts of the human body.
New high frequency design
The high-frequency generator ensures the stability and accuracy of the exposure conditions, reduces the radiation dose and reduces the generation of soft rays, and effectively protects patients and doctors.
Simple and convenient posture display
According to the patient’s body shape and location, the exposure parameters are automatically set, and can be saved and corrected.
Reassuring safety features
The fault self-diagnosis function can quickly and accurately determine the fault status, and can automatically protect, display the fault code, accurate, convenient and timely.
New bed design
The rotation angle is accurate, and the multi-angle photography method meets the clinical needs.
After reading the above content, everyone is not unfamiliar with the medical 500 mAh x-ray machine this film machine, if you still don’t understand, please call our company!

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