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the production and development of x-ray machine

As the new crown virus rages on and infects millions of people around the world, China faces unprecedented challenges and may shake its status as the world’s largest factory.

India, which is adjacent to China, has already felt the opportunity of this day and eagerly hopes that India can occupy the blank areas of manufacturing after China’s withdrawal.

Indian Minister of Transportation Nitin Gadkari said in a recent interview that China’s global status has been weakened and India has attracted more investment, which is like a blessing due to disaster. Uttar Pradesh, located in northern India, has a total population comparable to that of Brazil, and is already forming an economic team to attract companies intending to abandon China.

According to Bloomberg News, India is also preparing to allocate an area equivalent to two Luxembourgs (approximately 5,000 square kilometers) for manufacturing companies wishing to move out of China, and India has already cooperated with 1,000 U.S. multinational companies. Contact.

Deepak Bagla, president of Invest India, the National Investment Promotion Council of the Indian government, told the BBC that India ’s actions to attract multinational companies have been ongoing. The new crown virus will allow many such companies to speed up their steps and get rid of the risks in China as soon as possible
Our company is also stepping up investment in product research and development, taking a big step in the production and development of x-ray machine.

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