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Industrial X-ray machine non-destructive inspection

Recently, a customer called to consult our industrial X-ray machine, asking whether the parts produced by them can be tested for non-destructive flaws. We first asked the customer to provide the pictures and dimensions of the parts to be inspected, and the preliminary judgment can be inspected. But the customer was still not at ease. We asked the customer to send a part, and sent the picture taken and the video of the inspection process to the customer. The image looked very clear, and the fine lines inside the part could be reflected. The customer Very satisfied with the test results.
NKX-500 industrial X-ray machine is also called industrial non-destructive inspection fluoroscopy machine. It adopts a 50KW high-frequency high-voltage generator and a high-frequency independent machine head. Using the penetrating power of X-rays, it can not only detect metals, glass, ceramics, and stones. , Bones, and foreign objects in plastic can also identify product defects, such as packaging cracks, air bubbles, and content defects, so as to eliminate hidden product quality hazards.
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Author: Lillian

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