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New hospital consultation ray machine

A new hospital called our company for ray machine consultation. We, Newheek, are a manufacturer specializing in the production of ray machines and their accessories. We provide portable, mobile, and fixed ray machines of different styles and dosages to meet the procurement needs of hospitals of all levels.
The customer asked whether our ray machine is domestic or imported. We replied that our ray machine is produced by ourselves. At present, the technical level of domestic medical equipment can basically meet the needs of hospitals at all levels. We are not an importer, and we import brands. The price of the products is very high, and the demand at home and abroad is not much.
Since the customer’s hospital is still under construction and the procurement plan has not yet been made, we suggest that customers have time to visit our company. We will help them introduce the X-ray equipment preferred by the hospital in the near future, and select the X-ray equipment they need. Optical machines and parts. The customer is not far away, so we can consider it.
If you also need to choose ray machine or accessories, please call for consultation.

Author: Lillian

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