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Inquiry about the Newheek X-ray machine.

The x-ray machine is a device for generating X-rays, and is mainly composed of an X-ray tube, the X-ray Collimator, an X-ray machine power supply, and a control circuit.

Last week, there was a customer who asked our C-arm because I didn’t know much about the X-ray machine. After asking the customer’s specific needs, we determined that the customer’s needs were for the whole body bone shooting, so we recommended our 500ma fixed X-ray machine to the customer. Because if the general small-dose X-ray machine can only simply shoot the limbs, and for some hip joints and shoulder joints, the dose requirements can not be reached, which is not enough to shoot.

Later, the customer’s budget was asked, and the customer’s budget was low. After asking the customer’s shipping address and company information, they made a specific quotation to the customer and are now waiting for the customer’s reply.

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