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Inquiry about the wireless hand switch.

Newheek’s new wireless hand switch is a three-speed hand switch that can be used with a variety of X-ray machines.

Two days ago, a customer asked about our wireless hand switches, which were mainly used on Siemens’ mobile C-arms. The customer then sent us a photo of the machine along with the model and parameters. We then asked about the customer company’s information and asked if the customer had a photo of the hand switch that was used before. Then consulted our engineers on the availability and connection of the relevant hand switches to the machine. The next day after the customer dismantled the original hand switch, the customer sent the photo to our engineers, and then determined that the two hand switches were used at the same time, but there was a delay between the two remote control gates, so Customers are advised to experiment to see if it will affect the performance. Now waiting for the customer’s reply.

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