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Inquiry of 50mA movable x ray machine

The 50mA movable x ray machine is a relatively economical X-ray machine from Newheek. It is easy to use and can be used with the radiology table. It is fixed in one place and becomes a fixed X-ray machine, which is very convenient to use.
Customers from India are very interested in our 50mA movable x ray machine and would like to buy a 50mA movable x ray machine from us. But the customer is worried about the after-sales problem, I believe this is one of the problems that most foreign customers are worried about. Here, I assure all Newheek customers and potential customers that our warranty period is 14 months. Of course, the premise is that the cause of equipment damage is caused by non-human and irresistible natural factors.
Introduction to 100ma X ray machine
The second question that customers are worried about is what happens when the device has a problem after the device has been used for more than one time. The customer told me that he was not worried about problems such as the control panel, and he could repair it in time. The most worrying issue is the problem with the tube. In this regard, we have given the following solutions:
“As for x ray tube, after guranteen, we could offer you x ray tube insert with original factory price for support. And we suggest you could buy an extra x ray tube insert for spares when buy x ray machine. That will help you to Short the repair service time.”
If you want to know more about Newheek 50mA movable x ray machine, please contact our customer service.

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